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Fic - "The first time"

Title: The first time
Author: katrinsbiani
Pairing/Character: Eli Navarro, Felix Toombs, Veronica Mars, talked (briefly) about Leticia Navarro, Keith Mars (it's going to became Eli/Veronica later on)
Word Count: 497
Rating: AU, G
Summary: First in my Barrìo!Verse (in which Veronica grows up in the Neptune Barrìo)
Spoilers: Set pre series, no plotlines spoilers.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Un-betaed because of all the ten betas I've emailed no one has answered me yet and I've been waiting from a period that goes from five to one month (it depends on the beta). I'm Italian, any mistake is due to mine incompetence with the english language. I'm posting this before I chicken out again (and my mother wakes up, 4.57 am here in Italy eep!)

The first time they met they are both four years old and it’s because her family is moving down in the little condo where the Toombs family is living.

He’s there because his grandmother needs to be at work and so she’s dropped him there, where he can play with Felix which he knows because his mother knows Eli abuela.

At the time he’s just Eli and they’re just a couple of kids playing in the corridors of the building when he turns around an corner and almost bumps against her.

She’s all big blue eyes and blond pigtails and he has never seen a girl like her before. The girls he’s seen are all darker in skin and hairs and they’re girls so they have cooties according to Hector but he’s not sure she’s a girl like the others even if she clearly is one. She’s strange and different like the girls on tv, with their white faces and strange hair colors.

He looks at her, puzzled, ad when he looks back at Felix he’s also looking at her with a strange air in his face. All the three of them stay still for a time that seems eternal to Eli and then everything happens all too fast.

Felix gets nearer to her and pull one of her pigtails, while asking her what a mami like her is doing there, and she jumps back with a cry and after that there’s a man coming towards them and he’s got an uniform so Eli does what his cousin Hector told him to do if he see a man like this one.

He grabs Felix wrist and run back around the corner, away from him. He doesn’t know why but he grabs the mami wrist too and then they’re all running away from the man in the uniform. Down the corridor and then the stairs, right into Felix house and his bedroom and Eli locks the door too, just to be sure.

They’re all panting and the mami is looking at them with eyes wide and scared while Felix flops down on the floor trying to catch his break.

“You don’t have to worry. We won’t let him do anything bad to you mami.” He tells her and he tries his best to look like one of the big guys, the cool ones with leather jackets and motorcycles.

“Him?” She asks, with a sniff, and Felix nods flashing her a smile. “Yes, mami, don’t worry. We’ll protect you from the cop.” His tone is sure and bold and Eli wonders why the hell Felix is doing his best impression of the big guys too.

She looks at the two of them with a confused air and then furrows her brows, clearly displeased. Eli wonders if a leather jacket is needed for this to work but then she opens her mouth again and he forgot everything he was thinking.

“But he’s my dad!” She exclaims and that’s Eli Navarro and Felix Toombs first meeting with Veronica Mars.

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