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Fic: Nights Not So Alone 1/? (Weevil/Veronica PG Pre-Romance)

Title: Nights Not So Alone 1/?
Pairing: Weevil/Veronica
Rating: PG
Complete: Nope.
Genre: Pre-Romance, Friendship
Prompt: 9. Late night phone calls at 10_random. Table to be found here.
Summary: Veronica finds herself missing him, most of all.
Warnings: Spoilers for season 3.
Notes: This was not meant to be a multi-parter but it certainly seems to be turning out that way.

Veronica surprises herself when she's doing her summer internship at Quantico. Not because of how well she's doing, or how much people seem to hate her because she has long since learned that no matter where she goes someone is going to hate her.

She doesn't care anymore, doesn't care that she steps over at people to get answers because it makes her good at what she does, and hopefully will make her good enough to get into Quantico once she graduates.

The surprise came on her third night away from home, when she picked up the phone and discovered that she didn't want to talk to her dad for an hour just as she had the previous two nights, or Wallace as she had the night before.

Weevil. She wanted to talk to Weevil.

It felt like someone had forced the air out of her lungs, or sat on her chest or something.

Did she really want to talk to him? Yes.

But did she really miss him?

The answer to that question stung her even more than she had expected; she did miss him.

Did she miss Logan? No.

Veronica sank down onto her bed, dragging a hand through her newly trimmed hair, playing with the soft ends as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on inside her head because she sure as hell had no idea.

Logan and her hadn't exactly parted on good terms that was for sure.

Yet he had claimed they were supposed to be epic, supposed to be a relationship that would be epic, something amazing, and fantastical.

It was anything but, no matter how much sex they had or how many arguments. She found herself not trusting him more often than not and who could truly blame her because well…he was Logan and wasn't exactly known for being honest and reliable.

Veronica would never trust him, and his violent tendencies made her as nervous, if not more nervous than Duncan's outbursts due to his epilepsy had. At least Duncan had little to no control over what he did or said, but Logan…Logan's temper had somehow manifested into his father's and it scared her.

Piz had been too sweet, too naïve to understand her world.


She picked up the phone, finding herself frantically dialing his number and pressing the phone to her ear, wanting to hear his voice.

“Hello?” His voice sounds strangely formal for someone who normally spit out piggish insults that made her want to hit him.

“Weevil?” She has to ask because after the way he answered the phone she wasn't entirely sure that it was him.

“V? Were you missing me?” That was the Weevil she knew, the lick of sensuality and flirtation causing his voice to lower a couple notches.

She fights to ignore the warm knot in her stomach and takes a deep breath, “Yeah it's me. Just wanted to see how my favourite recovered criminal was doing,” she practically winces at the words.

Weevil laughs, “I'm doin' good V, even though all that stuff happened with your dad before he's been letting me help him out around the place,” he tells her, his voice sounding almost happy.

Something inside her softens, seeming to realize that maybe with Weevil she doesn't have to have her guard up all the time and it makes her happy, because being on guard all the time can get exhausting.

“You sound really happy,” she finds herself saying before she can stop herself, the words slipping from her lips and she resists the urge to curse herself because she is certain he won't like such an observation.

“Not too happy, my favourite girl Friday isn't around right now,” he teases her back, but feels good that she seems to care about his happiness. It is not something he'll ever admit though.

Veronica smiles, biting her bottom lip and closes her eyes because he's not there to see it. “I know, life is just less entertaining when I'm around,” she comments, grinning to herself, because she could pretend for just a moment that he actually missed having her around even though she knew it was a lie.

Weevil takes a moment to reply, and she can hear something like the sound of a microwave beeping in the background, “One second V,” he tells her before putting down the phone. She can hear him moving around his kitchen, the sound of cupboards opening and closing and it makes her smile slightly.

He comes back on the phone a few minutes later, “So V, how are things at fibbie school?” He asks her, but there's a note of something else in his voice, it almost sounds like he's proud of her and her insides twist.

“People hate me,” she blurts out before she can even think of what to say, and curses herself silently because it sounds like she's whining and she's not.

“Like…it doesn't bug me but I'm beginning to realize that no matter where I end up I'm going to have enemies, possibly more enemies then friends,” she clarifies, biting her bottom lip and resisting the urge to sigh because she really doesn't want to sound pathetic.

Weevil chuckles softly, and the sound makes her shiver somewhat because it sounds so masculine let comforting all at once and she doesn't even really understand where this is coming from because she's not used to feeling like this around him.

It's a lie telling herself that, because she's felt like this around him since they were at Neptune High together, an edge of excitement when he managed to objectify her in a way that wasn't overtly insulting and comfort when he tried to protect her and help her without hindering who she was and is.

“If they don't like you then they have something to worry about, because it means they've got something to hide from you Veronica,” her name rolls off his tongue. “No one can hide anything from you, no matter how much they might want to.”

“You mean like you trying to hide things from me?” Veronica manages to make it sound like a question even though it's more of an accusation.

Weevil sighs, and Veronica almost feels bad because he sounds pretty tired and he had been so happy when he picked up the phone to talk to her but she can't let the lie go.

“How'd you know I was lying to you?” He asks, immediately knowing what she's talking about and waiting for the questions, the accusations and hoping there are few.

Veronica regrets asking him now because she doesn't want this to end in an argument, it's not the reason she called him and sometimes she hates herself because she can't seem to let things go at times.

“Because I know that you've been getting pretty impatient for some excitement in your life, especially since you helped me with my lecture in class,” she murmurs into the phone, trying her best to sound apologetic.

Some part of her thinks it's her fault because she made him talk about what his life had been before.

Plus there was that incident with Madison's car.

“What were you planning on doing with the box Weevil?” She can't help but question.

Weevil sighs, “I'm sorry, I just…I don't know what I was gonna do with it V, maybe it was just for security purposes.”

“For some reason I believe that,” someone knocks on Veronica's door and she realizes she's going to have to get off the phone to answer it. “I have to go Weevil,” she pauses for a moment, nibbling on her bottom lip.

“Can I call you tomorrow night?” She asks him.

“No more interrogation?” He questions in reply, sounding more than a little bit sarcastic.

Veronica smiles, “I won't question you on anything like that, but I might ask about everything Neptune.”

“It's a date V, same time, same channel,” he tells her, his voice a low rumble.

“Bye Eli,” she murmured into the phone before hanging up.

Suddenly, even though she hates that town she can't wait to be back in Neptune.

Mars, you are losing your mind. She gets up and answers the door, smiling like an idiot.

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