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Ashley's Writing

Ficlet: Intrigue 1/1

Title: Intrigue
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Rating: PG
Pairing: WeeVer
Complete: Yes.
Genre: Pre-romance
Summary: Weevil doesn't understand her, doesn't want to but wants to know her.
Prompt: 04. Intrigue
Table: 10_random here
Warning: None.

Weevil doesn’t understand how Veronica operates, how she functions the way she does.

He has seen girls like her go through events like she has, many times. In fact, death seems to be synonymous with life in his neighbourhood, the loudness of the frequent parties and family events surmounted only by the dead silence of the funerals followed by the brokenhearted sobbing.

Veronica didn’t cry at Lilly’s funeral.

He didn’t know why he expected her to, maybe it was because she always seemed to be weaker than Lilly, always in her shadow.

A new Veronica emerges from the chaos following Lilly’s death, and he doesn’t know why he finds himself watching her, wanting to be close to her in a way that he never truly wanted to be close to Lilly.

She has harder edges, and a flame inside her that, no matter what just won’t die.

He watches her lose her friends, some friends they were, and then her mother.

Nothing stays quiet in Neptune, not even that. It didn’t help that he’d heard his abuelita go on for days about that poor Mars girl, and how Sheriff Mars was a good man. After all, hadn’t he done a lot for Weevil?

Veronica has her father’s heart, and his eye for mysteries.

He likes other things about Veronica that had nothing to do with her father, her petite frame, her small curves, and that sarcastic smile.

“Is there a reason why you’re sitting over here staring at me?” Veronica appears in front of his suddenly and he’s disconcerted to find that she might have been there for a while but he was so distracted the chances of him having noticed are slim to none.

“Flattering yourself V?” He barely manages to get the words out, smirking up at her and squinting as the sun gets in his eyes.

Veronica crosses her arms over her chest and even though she’s not the most well endowed person, he finds his eyes drawn there. “Clearly I don’t need to flatter myself, you’ll do it well enough for me,” she snarked back at him.

Weevil can’t help the crooked smile which crosses his lips, “Did you need something V?” He leans back on his elbows, glancing up at her once again.

Her eyes travel over his form as though she’s taking it all in, taking him in. Veronica realizes what she’s doing after a moment or two and her eyes jerk up to his face and she manages an ultimately weak smile.

“No, I came over to see if you needed anything because you’ve been staring at me,” she turns on her heel and walks away, unable to control the one thing which keeps pulling her back to him, and him to her.


Weevil watches her go, left feeling cold, as though the sun has suddenly dropped from the sky.

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