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Ashley's Writing

Fic: Silence Broken

Title: Silence Broken
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Weevil/Veronica
Complete: Yes
Summary: She appreciated their silence
Prompt: 1. Silence
Table Table 23 5x10prompts
Warning: Minor character death.
Notes: This will be a drabble series.

She never felt the need to fill the silence around him, something she treasured.

Veronica didn't know how this started, these late nights spent on the beach together, lying in the sand on a blanket without either of them saying anything. His leg was always pressed against hers, the heat through both of their jeans almost overwhelming.

She breathed in deeply, shifting around on the blanket and shivered when the night air brushed across her skin.

Closing her eyes she was no longer surprised when his arm wrapped around her shoulders and he pulled her close to his body, holding her there and sharing his warmth.

She didn't say anything, burying her face in his neck she breathed in his scent, comforted by it.

Weevil smiled to himself, resisting with every fibre of his being the urge to kiss her forehead. He kept quiet, wanting to tell her that he loved feeling her like this and that he wanted more but he knew it would scare her away and he had no interest in doing that.

Instead he closed his eyes and relished the feeling of being able to hold her close, just like this.

Veronica's phone rang and she was tempted to not answer, because this was something she held close to her heart, being him.

Pulling away Veronica sat up, answering her phone her voice was still soft because she still found it hard to break the silence, it meant that things would change...Or so she thought.

"What?" Her voice was loud suddenly, as shock ran through her and she found her emotions hard to control. Hanging up the phone she stumbled to her feet, grabbing her purse, her face filled with complete anguish.

"I have to go."

Weevil's brows drew together in worry and he found himself hopping to his feet and grabbing her arm before she could leave, "What is it?"

She looked back at him and his heart twisted in his chest, seeing that much pain in her face. "My mom died," she got out, her voice trembling before she was suddenly gone, as though she had never been there.

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